The [MI] training was excellent and delivered at a comfortable pace with plenty of opportunities to practise the skills with each other. 

Nice safe learning environment

[2 day introduction to MI participant, clinical health care professional ]

The trainer has a clear passion for MI which always provides a better feel for the training course.The engagement was really good. I am a learner who needs to get actively involved so the real/role play sessions were helpful and the relaxed atmosphere put me at ease with this. Lots of positive comments and constructive feedback which was helpful. We discussed multiple times how this approach can be used in general conversation also which also made me realise it is more transferable into my role than I originally anticipated.

[2 day introduction to MI participant, clinical health care professional]

Since my training, people have noticed a change in how intently I listen without interrupting. Additionally, a colleague mentioned how, when I leave a pause, it allows them the opportunity to think and potentially let them investigate their own thoughts in greater depth.

[Communication skills trainee, lifestyle change practitioner]

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