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Working with Behaviour Change Partners

Director Dr Fiona Holland has been working in lifestyle change for over 30 years. After her early studies in sports science and education at Loughborough University, she moved to the USA, gained a masters in sport psychology and then moved into health promotion/ lifestyle change roles to apply these principles in non-elite settings for clients of all ages. 

Fiona gained her doctorate in 2012, and, alongside her work with Behaviour Change Partners, she is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and behaviour change at the University of Derby. Fiona has been an integral member of the team who designed the first MSc programme in behaviour change in the UK and continues to teach on this course. 

Fiona has worked with a range of organisations to design and evaluate behaviour change interventions

She is also a Motivational Interviewing (MINT) trainer and has developed and delivered motivational interviewing and behaviour change training programmes nationally and internationally. She has trained a wide variety of professionals including dentists, nurses, lifestyle change professionals, social prescribers, teachers, animal welfare teams, conservation professionals, and health and safety managers. 

Fiona leads on many of the projects and delivers individual coaching sessions with Behaviour Change Partners, however, additional skilled colleagues (partners) within the fields of psychology and behaviour change are part of the wider team and support our ability to provide a tailored service.

Fiona is a specialist team member with Human Behaviour Change for Life and Associate Consultant with Creative Bridge.