Whether you are employing behaviour change in the workplace, want to increase your skills as you support others in their change, or need help with personal change, we can help.

Research and Evaluation Support

We enjoy collaborative and partnership working, and offer support to organisations, research groups and consultancies. We bring experience in a variety of spheres- e.g. running interviews and focus groups, analysing data, supporting behaviour change intervention design, leading training days in person or online, coding Motivational Interviewing sessions or mentoring trainees. We can also help with report writing or dissemination. Working together strengthens funding bids, energises teams, and can help to increase impact. 

Tailored Training and Mentoring

Services include

·  Training in behaviour change (tailored to your needs)

·  Training in Motivational Interviewing (MI) and effective communication skills (tailored to your needs)

·  Coaching, coding and mentoring staff as they develop communication/MI skills

Coaching for Change (Individuals)

·  Life and Lifestyle coaching: Coaching to support individuals in moving towards positive change around health and wellbeing, work-life balance, or other lifestyle behaviours. An empathetic approach is used that seeks to shine a light on clients' strengths, and help them to explore areas of potential change. Through a series of  3-6 sessions we can help you select and make steps towards realistic behavioural goals. 

·  Leadership communication coaching: Coaching and skill building to support managers and leaders to work and talk more effectively with their staff and peers.