Behaviour Change Partners

Supporting Change And Enhancing Impact

Research and Evaluation Support

Tailored Training and Mentoring

Coaching for Change

Sometimes we need a helping hand, whether this is professionally, personally, or organisationally. Bringing in a partner to support a project, enhance professional development or resolve feelings of being 'stuck' enables people and organisations to unlock their potential, and improves the outcomes of collaborative work.

At Behaviour Change Partners, our goal is to support positive and sustainable change. We work with organisations to support projects and people- we help with evaluation, research and staff training.  We specialise in behaviour change and communication skill development and can support intervention design. We offer evidence-based services that are designed with you, and for you. 

On a more individual basis, we train and mentor helping professionals in (e.g. nursing, teaching, health coaching) to support their behaviour change skillset. We also offer behaviour change coaching for those wishing to make lifestyle changes. Click here for more information.